Welcome to WebMan

This is the official WebMan Web site. It's not Typo3. It is not WordPress or Mambo. Not Drupal, Joomla or Nuke, nor Lemoon, EpiServer or Polopoly. It is no blog, no forum or wiki. It's WebMan - an easy and fast, yet powerful, Content Management System.

WebMan (short for Web Manager) manages the content of your website and gives you full control over your site in a superb simple way. You create and organize pages in a clear tree structure, and you edit the content directly on the pages (edit in place). Optimize your site for search engines and publish whenever you want.

What you want is what you get

WebMan is fast and easy to handle. It has the most things you need right out of the box, but WebMan is also easy to expand and customize for different needs. It contains just what you need and want - neither more or less!

WebMan is Swedish

Read more about it google-translated to english on the swedish site.



  • Edit in place
  • Responsitivity for all plattforms
  • Human urls with permalinks
  • Comments on selected pages
  • "Likes" on selected pages
  • Unlimited revert
  • Optional SSL-encryption
  • Compiled scripts
  • Unlimited groups with access to different parts of the web site
  • Automatically self-sanitizing databases
  • Transaction based updates (all or nothing)
  • Automatic database backup
  • Protected files
  • Automatic syncronisation files/database
  • Spamfilter for Mail och other forms
  • Unlimited languages
  • Search engine optimization including sitemap-generation in xml-format

...and much, much more.