Extend WebMan


WebMan has different design templates - Skins (a bit like Wordpress themes) - to control the look and feel of the sites. It's easy to create new skins and customize them to fit the graphical profile.


A template may consist of a layout with text and images in various areas and it may include an application of some kind. You can build custom applications (modules) and then use them in templates combined with other modules on any page in any website.

Modules and Apps

Free-standing applications are stored as modules and are easily accessed via templates on any page in the websites. A module can also be used on many pages with different content data.


There is no limit to the number of languages ​​that can be used in WebMan. It's easy to add and remove languages. Users with the right language skills can contribute to the system translations by getting the translator role.


About WebMan

Managing a WebMan site is easy, fast and very stable. There are possibilities to revert to earlier versions of edited pages. WebMan's focus is to be fast, secure, user friendly and easy to understand.

WebMan is continuously optimized and streamlined to make it faster and easier to work with.