Easy administration

Editing is done directly on the web pages (edit in place). There are no special administration pages for editing content. Navigate to the page you want to edit, click - edit - save, and you're done!

Multiple web sites

WebMan is not just a website. It is designed to control multiple sites at once. It can handle multiple domains and all combinations of domain, language and version. For example, let's say you want to create a website for your main company. Then you want separate websites for the subsidiaries, different versions in French, English and German or why not two different versions for each language... There are no restrictions. WebMan has a smart language detector that automatically directs the visitors to the correct site.

Databases and users

WebMan handles multiple relational databases with self-reliant functions. Resources such as documents, images or other media are shared by the websites that belongs to a database. Each database has its own users. You can allow several smaller sites to share a database and its resources while large websites can have their own database. This makes it easier to control things like server load, security, backup, etc.

Users can have different roles in different websites and access different parts. For example, customers can have access to personal pages in a website that are restricted for other users. A user can be a site administrator and a normal user for another site. Administration and editing of a site can be shared by several administrators, editors, translators, etc.

Stable and secure

The database connection uses transactions for updates That increases the system stability and reliability. There are functions that periodically check, optimize and back up data. In addition, it is possible to revert to all earlier versions of all edited material. User groups or user roles can have access to protected pages or unpublished items. And best of all: WebMan is very easy to understand and manage, despite the flexibility and the many possibilities. Minimal risk for errors!



When you want to edit the content of your web pages, you have a powerful text editor at your disposal, where you also can upload photos, documents or other relevant information.


With different groups of users who have access to different parts of the site, you can easily create intra- and extranet solutions.