– What you want is what you get!


You should not have to be an expert to make things work smoothly or look nice. WebMan has hundreds of features, but with clear and simple design and with small help texts in strategic places, they are easy to understand and manage. It may look small and handy, but it still performs what is needed.


Reliability is highly valued. You save time and money when things work as they should. Compiled scripts, encryption, transactions, spam filter, unlimited undo features, auto backup and such things makes WebMan stable and safe.


By collecting data at a central location in self-reliant relational databases, it becomes easy to keep the information tidy, and thereby quickly find what's needed and keep everything updated.


There are many ways to solve a task. Different situations require different things. Versatility combined with creative thinking gives the best solution. Therefore, WebMan contains simple, modular templates that are easy to create or change.


In the latest version of WebMan, you can easily handle your entire website from a regular smartphone.


About WebMan

WebMan is written in Php and uses both Rosiro's own classes and well-documented open source libraries.

Since 2002, WebMan has been rewritten and reorganized countless times. Development is ongoing and focus is always on simplicity and security.